Newborn Photography

Gentle, pure and simply beautiful - your baby!

Soon it will be here... your baby.

It will turn your whole life upside down, take away your sleep and probably your nerves as well and still you will love it like nothing else in the world.

You will find it hard to believe how quickly your baby will change and grow, from a small newborn to a bright baby. That is why it is important to capture the moments of the first days on pictures and to preserve them for eternity.

And that is exactly what I do for you!

How old will my baby be at the time of the shoot?

The newborn shooting preferably takes place between the 5th and 14th day of your baby's life.

My photo studio is specially equipped for newborn photography and so I have many accessories, blankets and clothes in my studio, which I use for the shooting.

Of course, the whole family, including partners and existing siblings may come to the shooting. Before the shooting I will send you my Newborn Guide, in which you will find all the information about the Newborn shooting, it also lists everything you need to bring to the shooting.

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