Family Photography

Family, where life begins and love never ends...

Family photos are wonderful memories...

and are therefore sooo incredibly important. After all, who doesn't like to remember their childhood, when they searched through their parents' photo album full of fear and looked at pictures of old times, and that's why you too should make such a legacy for your children and grandchildren. I am very happy to help you with this.

The family shooting takes place exclusively in the outdoors and can be combined with a walk in the woods, a picnic or a short journey of discovery and is therefore more a family reportage than an actual shooting. The pictures that are taken during such a reportage should tell your story as a family and this as authentic and real as possible.

Your children should preferably already be able to sit themselves at the time of the report. The best time for a photo shoot in nature is always about 1-2 hours before sunset, therefore my family reports take place in the late afternoon or evening, depending on the season. Whether the shooting should take place in spring, summer, autumn or winter, I leave it up to you, every season has its charm and offers wonderful possibilities for family pictures.

What is included in a family storytelling shooting?

  • Shooting duration 1-1.5 hours outdoor

  • 30-40 edited images in high resolution via download link

  • All pictures as prints on portrait silk paper in 13x19 cm format

  • 20 journey kilometres included

Price: CHF 590.00

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