Baby Photography

Expressive, melancholic, cheerful - these are my baby and child pictures

Baby and child shootings are an opportunity to capture your child's special moments, this can be on the occasion of the 1st birthday, but also when your baby can sit alone, at further milestones or just for fun.


No matter what the occasion, memories on pictures are not only something beautiful for you, but also for your child, because he or she will have beautiful memorial pictures of themselves one day. Memorial pictures are such an important thing for children.

Preferably baby and child shootings take place in my studio, where I usually work with a dark and a little bit lighter background, so there will be different pictures. If desired, the shooting can also take place outdoors in nature.

Your baby should already be able to sit for the shooting (usually from around 8 months). Before the shooting I will tell you what kind of clothes you should bring with you, a small selection of special baby and children's outfits I will gladly provide.

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